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CASTLE SOAPS operates in Africa, Asia and Europe with its strategy built on three core principles.

We operate in selected markets that have the potential for future growth, both in mature and emerging markets. Our presence across Africa, Asia and Europe ensures a naturally balanced portfolio of global markets, which we continually review to ensure they provide the Group with the best opportunities for profitable growth. We take pride in our knowledge of local markets which enables us to respond quickly and appropriately to local needs.

We develop leading brands for the markets in which we operate. Whilst some have global reach, the majority of our brands are sold only in local and regional markets as we create products that are particularly suited to local needs and tastes. Our strategy is to grow these brands so they achieve category leading positions in their markets and we continually review and expand the categories in which we operate to ensure profitable growth. We are proud of our portfolio of category leading brands which are developed to satisfy the particular needs of local consumers.

We operate first class distribution networks that enable us to deliver our brands quickly and efficiently to our local consumers. Our distribution systems vary by market type, from traditional supply chain models in mature markets to extensive nationwide depot networks in emerging markets. We continually adapt our methods of distribution to suit our local markets and to changing market needs. We take pride in our flexible distribution capability which is tailored specifically for the local market.



Castle Soaps is a leading global provider of beauty soaps, laundry soaps and detergents of high quality fulfilling the demands of our immediate customers and the global world.

With the most recognized brand in the local beauty industry and the most complete product line, Castle Soaps products are used by more than 70 percent of Nigerians and are fast spreading to the West African communities.

Purpose Statement

Purpose Statement

To provide high quality health, beauty and personal care products for our customers at affordable rates and widely distributed. We are consciously committed to maintaining integrity in the special formulas used for our products to meet the needs of our teeming customers.

Our standard quality and performance is zero defects. We will achieve this standard through a system of defect prevention and the process of continuous improvement.

We are dedicated to understand fully the needs and the expectations of both our internal and external customers.

We will always conform to the requirements established to meet those needs and expectations.

We will provide exceptional customer service and deliver products and services with outstanding value to our customer on time, everywhere and always.

Mahesh Phulwani, CEO and Chairman.

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